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I love creating films which are cinematic, elegant, & compelling.

Josey Wenger

Josey Wenger

Owner, cinematographer, and editor. United States Marine Corps veteran. Loves Batman, Fight Club, and philosophy. Creative, fearless, and determined.

How far does Hoopla Films travel for weddings?

I am based out of Lexington, Kentucky, but I will travel to any destination for my clients. I LOVE to travel!

If I have a wedding video, will there be a camera in my face the whole day?

No way, José. I don't follow the bride down the isle, I work great with photographers, and I help out as much as possible throughout the day. It is very important to me that you hardly notice when my assistant and I are around. We've been called ninjas before...seriously. I know that the day is for you, your family, and friends, and not about me getting some crazy, in your face shot, as you get married. It's your wedding day. You've been working hard to make everything perfect and I respect that.

What kind of videos do you make?

Hoopla Films specializes in wedding films. Check out www.wengermedia.com for commercials, promotional videos, training videos, music videos, tv/web series, and documentaries.