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Tips for Choosing The Perfect Wedding Video Song

With so many decisions to be made leading up to your big day, choosing the right song for your wedding video shouldn’t be another thing to stress over. This process should be fun and it’s more than likely that you just need a few pointers on where to begin the search. Years from now, when you sit down to watch the memories play back, we’re sure that it’ll be perfect no matter what. However, here are a few tips, just in case you need some ideas:

  1. A Song with Personal Meaning: We see a lot of great couples pick a certain song solely for the reason that they think that it makes for an “ideal wedding song”. Forget about what you think you’re supposed to pick and go with whatever makes sense to you and your future spouse. Is there a certain song that always has and always will remind you of each other? Can you remember what song was playing the first time you met, kissed or danced together?  Maybe you’ll even want to choose the same song from your first dance as a married couple. This video is intended to tell your story, so make it meaningful!
  2. Aim for Timelessness: Sure, that Justin Bieber song is pretty fun and trendy now, but ask yourself one question: five, ten, twenty years from now, is it still going to be fun and trendy? Let’s face it, there are always those certain songs that get tired after just a few months, but your wedding video song shouldn’t be one of them. Choose something that you know you’re going to love forever.
  3. Set the Right Tone: Every wedding video is different because every couple is different. You may see those that come out sweet and romantic and then you’ll come across others that are full of laughter and energy. Take a second to really step back and think about both of your personalities and consider searching for songs that can reflect them easily. You’ll want your song choice to compliment the visuals as best as possible.

There are some websites out there that can help you find phenomenal songs too,  such as withetiquette, themusicbed, and pandora! Remember that this is YOUR day and your wedding video is going to allow you to relive it and share it for years to come! You won’t be able to hold back the smile when you finally find the song that perfectly expresses the love you have for one another!